Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to increase your Practice Productivity that we offer an unmatched guarantee.

How Does It Work?

Our method of measuring Productivity is doctor Production Per Hour, or “PPH”. This is total gross doctor production divided by total doctor hours. We will assess your average PPH prior to your Dental Reboot, and again in the 4th full month after its completion.

INCREASE your average Production per Hour by $50 or We Will Refund Your Reboot Training Fees.

Our Guarantee:

The Reboot Training Money Back Guarantee is available for our standard 2-day “Dental Reboot Training” only. The offer states, in various forms; “Reboot Training will increase your Average Production per Hour by $50 within 4 months of the Training or we’ll refund your Training fee.”


The Guaranteed Increase is based on Production Per Hour (“PPH”), which is defined as; total Doctor hours worked / total charged services provided by that Doctor during that period. Increase is determined for a single location only. In the case of multiple doctors at one location, individual PPH rates are determined & recorded, then averaged.

The amount of Production Per Hour Increase is determined by comparing your PPH average over a three month span prior to the Training (the “Baseline”) with the your average PPH in the same three months following the training (your “results”). This allows a full month for your staff to become familiar with the system following the training, and compares the same time period across two different years to accommodate seasonal impact.

For instance, if your Training were to occur in April of 2019, the Baseline and Results comparison would be June, July & August, year-over-year.

Only doctors present at the time of training will be included when determining PPH (both for purposes of establishing your Baseline and determining your Results). Your Clinical Specialist will work with you to determine your Baseline PPH at the Training.

Increase in Production (or lack there-of) is determined by subtracting your Baseline PPH from your Results PPH.

Other Terms:

To qualify for the Guarantee, we require complete PPH updates for each of the 4 months following your training. This will allow us to help gauge and guide the progress of your entire staff and create the most benefit for you and your practice.

Refunds must be requested, in writing or via email, within 1 month after your Results are available.

Reboot Training reserves the right to reasonable confirmation procedures to determine accuracy of Production results.